Second Grade Sister Roseanne Marie

Left to Right:

(First Row) M-?, Chris Romo, Charles Latham, F-?, Mark Swenson, Dennis Dea, Leila Aguilar, Dennis Maloney, Anne Bouey, Wayne Stewart

(Second Row) Bradley James, Carol, Terry Gleason, F-?, Russ Albano, Elizabeth Hjort, Bill Mulvihill, Celeste Butler, Vincent Price?, Patsy Lavelle, Greg Torassa

(Third Row) Claire Wayne, Doug Barker, F-?, Dodge Riedy, Tommy Turner?, Bill Pinney, Philip Giddings?, Doug Hover, Peggy Regan, Fred Valera, F-?

(Fourth Row) M-?, Mary Anne?, Don Drake (aka Connell), Sharon Baker, Les McLaggan, F-?, Marie Ellisetche, Don Paolino, Mary McCarthy, Pat Robeling

(Fifth Row) F-?, Bill Lawton, Harold Hoogasian, Barbara ?

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