Sixth Grade Sister Maleda Mary

Left to Right:

(First Row) Dennis Stevens, Marie Ellissetche, Ken Dowdell, Leila Aguilar, Dennis Dea, Patsy Lavelle, Bill Pinney, Denise Garbini

(Second Row) Carol Pentergraf, Harold Hoogasian, F-?, Jim Reed, F-?, Greg Torassa, Diane Dunsing, Fred Valera, Gloria Humphrey

(Third Row) Dodge Riedy, F-?, Gary Baker, Margaret D'Alemberte, David Norwood, Chris Cunningham, Tom Sacco, Claire Wayne, Rusty Salliday

(Fourth Row) Peter Francis, Gail Upp, Terry Gleason, Judy Cerelli, Paul Bianchini, Celeste Butler, Don Drake (aka Connell), F-?, Mark Harney

(Fifth Row) Pat Robeling, Gilbert Gomez, John Allen, Mary Ellen McCarthy, Don Paolino, Peggy Regan

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